Which Wynter Wild character are you?

Ever wondered which character from the Wynter Wild series is the most like you? Maybe you already have a good idea. I used 16personalities.com to find the personality types of the main and secondary characters, and if you take the free test (no account necessary) to get your type you can look up which character matches you.

The test gives a similiar result to the Myers-Briggs 16 personality types – four letters relating to your personality. Of course we are all on a sliding scale for each facet – this just labels your preference:

Introvert / Extrovert (I / E): relates to how you mind relates to your environment – either introspective and reserved (I), or engaging and taking the initiative (E).

iNtuitive / obServant (N / S): relates to your energy when gathering information – relying either on imagining the past and future potential of what you see (N), or on observable facts and more straightforward outcomes (S).

Thinking / Feeling (T / F): relates to your nature when making decisions – valuing either rationality (T) or emotions (F).

Judging / Prospecting (J / P): relates to your tactics when planning and dealing options – prefering either certainty, clarity, and closure (J) or spontaneity, flexibility, and possibilities (P).

The test also gives a fifth letter (Assertive / Turbulent or A / T broadly meaning confident vs. worrisome) which I have not included for my Wynter Wild characters. So just use those first four letters to get your type. When you have your type, read on to find your matching character from the books.

ENTP: Debater

Because he is so unique and I didn’t have the energy to write more than one character with this personality type, the only Debater (also called the Visionary) in the books is:

Jesse Fairn

Frequency in population: rare

Biggest fear: Being controlled

Biggest weakness: Insensitive


You are creative, resourceful, and intellectual with a broad range of skills and hobbies. You are friendly, witty, and charming, but also outspoken and argumentative – whether to win an argument or just for fun! You understand abstract concepts, explore problems from multiple angles, and use logic to find solutions.

New projects excite you so much that you tend to ignore the more routine aspects of life, as well as break every rule and avoid long-term plans. While you’re full of amazing original ideas, you may lack the practical skills and patience to complete a project because you’re easily distractible.

You are unrelentingly honest, and intolerant of those who can’t back up their ideas with facts. This disregard for others’ feelings can come across as narcissistic and lead to burned bridges.

ISTP: Virtuoso

Also called the Mechanic or the Craftsman. Characters in the books who match this personality type are:

Harry Fairn – father of the Fairn brothers

Joey Clifton – tattoo artist, Beck’s older brother

Frequency in population: quite rare (but common in males)

Greatest fear: Physical helplessness

Greatest weakness: Rude


You are immensely curious about the world around you, and love using your hands to build and create. You are seen as enigmatic because, while friendly and truthful and unorthodox, you are very private and independent.

You have some trouble with the complexity of human emotions, and can get yourself into trouble by being a little too impulsive with an inappropriate joke or an unpredictable change of plans. Or you may not fully understand deception or malice directed your way. You much prefer action and may be attracted to extreme sports.

You are optimistic and energetic, rarely stressed, great in a crisis, and always have a practical project on the go. Your approach to problem solving is rational and analytical – you love troubleshooting and can fix anything!

ESTP: Entrepreneur

Also called the Doer or the Dynamo. Several characters in the series have this personality type:

Hunter – Clockwork Toys guitarist

Olivia – Caleb’s girlfriend

Cranberry (dog), Blondie (goat), Dimiti Dime (cartoon character invented by Indio)

Frequency in population: quite rare

Greatest fear: Losing control

Greatest weakness: Impatient


You enjoy taking risks and live a face-paced lifestyle, focused on immediate results. You figure everything out on the fly rather than having goals or making plans. Long explanations and rules and regulations make you impatient. You are constantly looking for novel experiences, otherwise you become bored and restless. You probably enjoy athletics or the performing arts.

You’re friendly and adaptable with an earthy sense of humor, and you like to be the center of attention. You’re loyal to friends and have great people skills. You make life an adventure!

You’re honest and direct – you don’t play mind games – and very perceptive of small changes in your environment. You place facts over feelings, which can make you appear insensitive at times, and you also have some trouble expressing your own emotions.

ESFP: Entertainer

Also called the Performer. Several characters from the books match this type, although one in particular personifies it to the extreme:

Xay Morant – rising rockstar

Jessica Palermo – 16-year-old cousin of Wynter

Heather – Easter Bunny from the mini-golf

Nessie – the van

Frequency in population: average

Biggest fear: Loss of freedom

Biggest weakness: Dependent


You are people-oriented, warm, fun-loving, with a playful sense of humor. You live for new experiences and love being the center of attention!

You’re strongly emotional and sensitive to others, providing emotional and practical support. While you like a little drama and passion, you avoid conflict and may react badly if criticized.

Theory and impersonal analysis don’t interest you at all. You’re down-to-earth and practical, but may neglect mundane or repetitive tasks, such as financial planning, because you’re too busy enjoying life and possibly living beyond your means. Others may be able to persuade you to do dumb things…

You dive headfirst into relationships but they may burn out quickly when you get bored. Your friends find you truthful, open, generous, and exciting as you search for novel activities that stimulate all the senses. Your contagious enthusiasm for life takes everyone along for the ride!

ISTJ: Logistician

Also called the Inspector, this type is manifested in three characters from the Wynter Wild series:

Caleb Fairn

Katrina Heathcote Brown – Patricia’s younger sister

Eliza – keyboardist from the Mail Order Chicks

Frequency in population: common

Biggest fear: Crowds

Biggest weakness: Stubbornness


You are dependable, responsible and serious, and you desire a secure peaceful life. You have a tireless dedication to duty, upholding traditions and standards.

You’re hardworking and take pride in your accomplishments. You triple-check your facts rather than make assumptions, then take a no-nonsense approach to complete any task in a decisive, organized, and efficient manner.

Your integrity is unmatched. Your independence means you hate being forced to rely on others. You will stick to your word and get the job done, regardless of personal cost, and you abhor laziness, dishonesty, and rule-breaking.

Your direct approach can make you seem cold, but you express yourself in relationships by being a thoroughly dependable partner and friend.

ISFJ: Defender

Also called the Nurturer or the Protector. Characters in the books who match this personality type are:

Joy Fairn

Ethan Burke – bass player for the Clockwork Toys

Sean Delaney – Joy’s husband

Meisa – bass player for the Mail Order Chicks

Lexie – Harry’s dog

Frequency in population: very common

Greatest fear: Harm to family

Greatest weakness: Being taken advantage of


You are a dependable, perceptive, and compassionate caretaker, well grounded in reality, with traditional views of society. You value security and peace, and have a deep sense of responsibility toward others.

You work hard and within the rules to keep others happy, but sometimes don’t speak up in support of your own beliefs, taking things too personally or repressing your feelings. You are humble and dislike attention, often working behind the scenes to meticulously get the job done.

You value your relationships, although you seem reserved to others at first. You’re able to remember all kinds of details they tell you about their lives, and you’re an excellent gift-giver. Your imagination means you can easily empathize with others.

ESTJ: Executive

Also called the Guardian. Several secondary characters in the books match this personality type:

Luke Casiano – security officer and family friend

Bea Hayes – Caleb’s girlfriend in books 1 to 3

Shelley Lysterfield – Rule212’s booking agent

Claire – Indio’s girlfriend in London, a school teacher

Greg – Xay’s best friend in Sacramento

Lia – Turk’s older sister, vet

Frequency in population: quite common

Biggest fear: Incompetence

Biggest weakness: Bossiness


You are practical, often athletic, and organized. You value good citizenship, security, and peaceful living. You have a clear visions of how things should be when it comes to family, community, and tradition.

You are not interested in theory unless there’s a practical application. Sometimes you think you know best and aren’t open to constructive criticism.

You’re loyal, hard-working, and like to be in charge (both in relationships and in running activities). You work hard to bring people together, lead by example and persuasion, and hate laziness and cheating.

ESFJ: Consul

Also called the Caregiver or the Provider. Lots of characters fall into this personality type, which is the second most common in a real life population:

Kim Metez – A&R consultant, Caleb’s girlfriend

Patricia Brown – runs a diner, aunt

Crusoe – bass player for Feckless, family friend

Roxy – Xay’s girlfriend in Sacramento

Scott – audio engineer, Jesse’s friend, Wynter’s date

Beck Clifton – drummer for Crunch, Wynter’s high school friend

Madeline – Wynter’s foster sister

Frequency in population: very common

Greatest fear: Abandonment

Greatest weakness: Judgmental


You are warm-hearted and popular, responsible, conscientious, and duty-bound. You put others’ needs above your own, and you’re a great listener and comforter.

Positive reinforcement, especially regarding your social standing, boosts your self-esteem, which may lead to caring too much for the opinions of others. You have a need to be accepted. Family and friends are your top priority.

You use your practical and organizational skills to help others, even at the expense of suppressing your own needs and emotions. You have a strict and traditional moral code and demand the same in others, as you feel it’s the best way to create harmony and cooperation.

INFJ: Advocate

Also called the Protector or the Counselor. The only character in the series with this personality type is:

Indio Fairn

Frequency in population: very rare

Greatest fear: Humanity’s potential for evil

Greatest weakness: Perfectionist


You are highly intuitive about people’s emotions and motivations. While you appear reserved and calm, you can speak with passion and conviction when your deeply considered, idealistic values are threatened. However, you don’t seek conflict as it causes stress.

You don’t like to lead or follow – you’re individualistic, tenacious, and very private. However, you desire authentic connections with a select few people you can trust.

You’re not as inwardly serious as you appear to be from the outside – you have a colorful and mischievous inner world, and love playing with ideas, symbols, and metaphors.

INFP: Mediator

Also called the Healer or Idealist. Characters in the books who match this personality type are:

Jenny Leung – music teacher, college student, Indio’s girlfriend

Eric – Wynter’s first boyfriend in high school

Ripley – Wynter’s goat

Frequency in population: slightly uncommon

Biggest fear: Not living up to their ideals

Biggest weakness: Desperate to please


You are quiet, compassionate, and reflective, with a rich inner life, great imagination, and quick intelligence. You express yourself with artistic endeavors such as writing, music, or art.

You have have a strongly-held value system, great empathy, and want to understand and help people with generosity and tolerance. You may feel lonely or directionless until you find your purpose in life – and then you become passionate about it. You may also be overly sensitive to criticism and feel misunderstood.

You believe in true love and may have too high expectations for a perfect relationship. With the right person, you’re loyal and devoted to the extent you may forget to take care of your own needs. You prefer a small circle of friends you can truly take care of.

ENFJ: Protagonist

Also called the Giver or the Teacher. A couple of minor characters match this rare personality type in the series:

Anita Green – Caleb’s high school girlfriend, Wynter’s counselor

Svetlana – Wynter’s second social worker

Frequency in population: Very rare

Greatest fear: Being alone

Greatest weakness: Overly idealistic


You’re warm, talkative, persuasive, and popular, with outstanding people skills. You care about how others think and feel, can easily read their emotions, and can effectively manage them as a charismatic leader. You want to make the world a better place by helping people reach their full potential.

You may be so eager to meet new people, you forget about making deeper connections. Your persuasive skills may lead you to become pushy or controlling, as your self-esteem is tied up with what others think of you.

You tend to be optimistic and energetic. You enjoy your friendships and other relationships, and are happiest when others are happy.

ENFP: Campaigner

Also called the Champion or Inspirer, this type is represented by several characters in the series:

Dusk – Jesse’s girlfriend

Quinn Lacey – Wynter’s best friend

Gideon – young man from the Light (UK)

Charity Thorne – southern belle and Christian pop star

Marcus – Eric’s older brother, Jesse’s best friend

Ember Morant – Xay’s mother

Frequency in population: average

Biggest fear: Lacking meaningful relationships

Biggest weakness: Melodramatic


As a compassionate, energetic and highly independent free spirit, you love making social connections and are always looking for deeper emotional or mystical meaning in life. You are an intuitive empathetic friend, encouraging others to express their feelings and always seeing the best in people.

You dislike routine tasks and feel bored, stifled, or lose patience if you can’t use your creativity to solve problems. You’re enthusiastic about life, popular with others, and have excellent communication skills.

With all this enthusiasm, you may find it difficult to focus or to follow through. You may find yourself saying yes too often, and becoming overwhelmed and stressed, even leading to melodramatic behavior.

You value meaningful relationships, and show unshakeable devotion to those you care about.