She’s about to turn their lives upside down…

On a freezing Seattle night, teenager Wynter shows up on Caleb’s doorstep in shorts and sandals, seeking help. Seeking sanctuary. Claiming to be his sister.

Caleb—Coast Guard hero with the perfect girlfriend—practically raised his two younger brothers. He always plays by the rules. He always wins. His duty is clear: give his little sister a home.

Pancakes for breakfast, rock music in the basement… Wynter knows she belongs here.

But when the authorities step in, will Caleb realize he needs to bend the rules? His brothers could teach him a thing or two about that…

Jesse—freshman science wiz and a legend in his own mind—takes on the momentous task of educating Wynter.

Indio—talented musician with a sarcastic tongue to hide his pain—could be her role model, but he’s more interested in getting wasted than coming home for the weekend.

These two young men are still growing up, but they understand that sometimes…

Love is not enough.

Trapped in the foster care system, struggling to navigate middle school cliques, and with her dreams of a united family fading, Wynter is offered love from an unexpected direction. Will she turn her back on Caleb’s promises, on Jesse’s guidance, on Indio’s acceptance, and take the chance to start over?

Family is forever. When Wynter discovers the world won’t bend to her will, she takes matters into her own hands.

Secrets from the dark past are surfacing, and a horrific accident threatens to tear apart Wynter's dreams of a united family.

First boyfriend, first job... Wynter feels strong enough to handle anything. So why is she retreating into fantasy?

When Miriam returns, will Wynter and her brothers want closure on the past… or revenge?

Wynter and her brothers are ready to rock. But something at the very heart of this family is ripping it apart.

While Wynter attracts a mysterious suitor, Xay has never forgotten the girl from the ashram.

As Rule212 sets off on tour, tragedy strikes. Xay tries to pick up the pieces of a past Wynter's trying to forget.

A newcomer forces Wynter's family to reassess their priorities. Caleb, rock-solid, has never faltered… until now.

Wynter changed her brothers' lives. What's holding them back from the bright future they’ve worked so hard for?

Rising rockstar Xay is on tour in Australia - and Wynter's in charge! What could possibly go wrong?

RETURNING SOON: Christmas is Jesse's thing. So why has he decided not to come home this year?

NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE: Prequel about when Wynter's brothers were young.